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Our Partner Program

When our partners — the people we work with — succeed, we succeed. And we know that the our success depends on the ongoing professional development of the people who work for our clients. We spark our clients growth which helps to ignite yours.

Exceeding expectations is achieved through developing a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ recruitment needs to ensure the delivery of the best recruitment methodologies

At MI Enterprises, we are dedicated to working in partnership with you as our associate partner and through our Associate program to become an integral part of our company’s growth, development and success.

If you are highly self motivated, have an entrepreneurial streak, and can work hard to make your dreams come true - this is the right option for you. Collaborating and partnering is today the preferred business model with no risk in any case.

We offer you the freedom of working under the umbrella of a successful company, with a tried and tested way of doing business.

We welcome all enthusiast's in recruitment industry to partner with us as our Associate Partner. We bring you the expertise and experience to help you to build a profitable business venture locally. We shall ensure, you will be successful in our network and have your dreams realized.