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Job Id : MIE0103
Job Title : FM - Technical Coordinator
Job Country : Qatar

Industry :Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Category :
Qualification : Diploma
Experience : 6 YRS TO 8 YRS
Salary : QR 3200 -4000

Job Description :


•	Supports the Facilities Management Department by assisting the Manager of Facilities Maintenance, Custodial Services, and Grounds Services in the development of departmental policies and procedures, developing and scheduling training on safety topics, and maintaining safety training records. 
•	Supports Facilities Management by developing schedules and required materials for the preventive maintenance program. 
•	Plans, assigns, and reviews work activities for Facilities Maintenance, Grounds, and Custodial staff by utilizing the Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) application, conducting job site inspections, providing advice to staff on procedures, problem areas, job specifications, and required documentation. 
•	Develops technically qualified and cooperative support staff by supervising and evaluating all assigned support staff and assuring compliance with University rules and policies. 
•	Coordinates and oversees all procurement actions by establishing and implementing service contracts, reviewing and maintaining supply inventories, preparing all supply requisition orders, assuring procurement actions are in compliance with all set policies and procedures, preparing and writing technical specifications for all service contracts, including but not limited to, glazing, emergency roof repair, emergency generators, water treatment chemicals, emergency plumbing repairs, insulation installation and repair, emergency electrical repairs, grounds and building fabric care services, and ensuring that all contracted services meet expected results through communication with the department ordering the services and the respective service contractor. 
•	Assists the Manager of Facilities Management in managing the Work Management Center by coordinating the timely and appropriate response by the departmental operating units to requests for both emergency and routine work orders, developing statistics regarding work order performance and customer satisfaction, ensuring the Work Management Center prepares weekly, monthly, and annual reports for work order traffic handled by each department, advising the labor requirements and associated costs for all requested work orders, and coordinating billing and recharge activities to ensure accuracy. 
•	Assists the Manager of Facilities Management in managing the stores (tools, materials, equipment, and supplies), information technology, key control, and lock shop operations for the department. 
•	Assists in the annual assessment of the department, buildings, and operations, performs and maintains condition surveys and life cycle cost data on facilities and infrastructure, provides data to support facility repairs and improvements, and identifies and develops in-house applications to assist data management efforts. 
•	Ensures proper interface between administrative support operations, work orders, and the supply of parts by supervising administrative staff and developing training on the electronic inventory and work order system for Facilities Maintenance, Grounds, and Custodial staff, as well as other FM functional areas when appropriate. 
•	Assures compliance with governmental regulations related to environmental protection, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and the handling of chemicals by coordinating with the Manager of HSE Management, enforcing applicable policies, laws, and regulations, and maintaining all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and “Right to Know” stations, per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSAS) Hazard Communication Standard. 
•	Helps to reduce the likelihood of a significant disruption of utility services (i.e., heating, cooling, and electricity) provided to the site by providing utility interruption approvals and notifications to affected areas. 
•	Assures around-the-clock responsiveness to mechanical failures or emergency situations by assisting the Manager, Facilities Management to anticipate requirements for exceptional mechanical maintenance efforts, assisting in developing appropriate contingency plans to respond to those needs and other emergency conditions,  assisting in the coordination of contracted services beyond the capabilities of the site to handle, and assisting with maintenance efforts to restore the environment to normalcy. 
•	Organizes and manages all aspects of customer service functions for the department and sets standards for Work Management personnel in a manner that promotes excellent customer services and user-friendliness. 

	The FM Coordinator is supervised by the Manager of Facilities Management, supervises assigned administrative support staff, enforces site and departmental policies, and makes recommendations which are given particular weight regarding the hiring, termination, advancement, promotion, and other changes of status of those supervised. 

Qualification / Skill Required:  

	Diploma holder

Other benefits :


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