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Documentation Process

Once our client has specified requirement for manpower, the following formalities need to be adhered to:

  1. Agency Agreement: A necessary formality for the benefit of both parties.
  2. Power of Attorney : A power of Attorney is to be given Hamdan Consultants to enable us to advertise, interview and Pre-select candidates on the client behalf.
  3. Demand Letter: A listing of categories and number of staff required, salary offered and other terms and conditions.
  4. Specimen Work Agreement: Individual Agreement according to the rules & regulations of Indian Embassy.
  5. Authorization Letter: A Letter to be given to the Embassy or consulate office in India to get their permission for visa processing. (Applicable only for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The State of Qatar).

Please note: No.5 above should be in English and Arabic and others in English on your company letter and duly signed and sealed. They are to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign affairs.